About SimplyDownHome!

I’m just a 23-year-old, God Fearing, small town Girl. 

SimplyDownHome is a lifestyle blog that will include anything from Testimonies to “Everyday” posts and everything in between!  I would LOVE to hear what you would like to see! 

My Goal for SimplyDownHome is to be a light.  Whether it’s a Testimony, Review, DIY or anything at all I want it to be something positive and even if it only makes one person happy or lifts up one person then I’ve completed my goal.  

Now a little about me personally!  

My name is Bre, I’m 23 and I love Jesus and Coffee!  I know that’s probably a pretty basic description… But it’s true :) I married my highschool sweetheart 3 years ago and I’m Blessed to be the Aunt of some pretty AMAZING Nephews and Niece.  

I’m also starting Cosmetology School in just a few weeks! I’m so excited to begin this Journey; trust me, there will be posts about my progress!

I’ve always wanted a to start a blog but was one of those people who was too scared.  I was afraid that people wouldn’t like what I posted, and honestly I was scared to be “judged”.  One day I prayed about it and thought, “you know what? Who cares!! I want to do it, it’ll make me happy and as long as ONE person enjoys it it would be worth it!”  And here we are!  Don’t be afraid to do something that will make you happy… step out on Faith and try it! 

At the end of the day… I’m a pretty Simple person who lives by my Down Home values, which is exactly where the name came from.  I truly hope and pray you enjoy SimplyDownHome and get to know me a little better!  Feel free to check out my posts, follow my Instagram and I hope to hear from you! 

Have a SUPER Blessed Day!